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Zibo Chuangqi Medical Products Co., Ltd. is an innovative enterprise committed to the production and distribution of a variety of disposable medical supplies, the company has a standard class 100,000 purification plant and sterile laboratory and other hardware facilities. The product standard conforms to the international concept and is more convenient and efficient.

Company development needs, is looking for the elite to create a joint venture. The company will provide employees with superior wages, benefits, broad career development platform, look forward to your joining!


Regional sales manager 10people

1. College degree or above, clinical medicine and related majors preferred

2. Have certain pressure resistance and market opening and sales capacity

3. Strong insight and resilience

4. Strong communication skills, strong sense of team

1. Lunch allowance

2. Paid leave

3. Holiday benefits

4. Travel Allowance (Sales)

5. Social Insurance 6.Group travel

Sales salesman


1. College degree or above

2. Extroverted and willing to communicate with others

3. Have sharp insight and strong sales ability

4. Have certain psychological stress resistance and be good at self-adjustment and motivation

Foreign Trade Specialist


1. College degree or above, more than 1 year of work experience

2. Be careful and responsible, have good communication skills and team spirit

Quality inspector


1. College degree or above

2. Related inspection and testing specialty or related work experience

Operator, Packager


Junior high school degree or above Physical health



Mechatronics or related major


Contact Person: Mrs Zhu  Tel.: 13375334116

Company Address: A Zone, No.16 Building. Instrument Industrial Park, No.9009 Qinglongshan Road, New&Hi-Tech District, Zibo City, Shandong, China.

Bus Route: Bus No.79/No.8 (get off at Qiaobao Intersection Station and Unicom Road)

Bus Route: 156/157 bus (under CNPC Training Station or Cao Village Station)

Bus Route: Bus No. 266 (under East Gate Station of Qinglong Mountain Park)