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Introduction of disinfection and sterilization treatment of infusion stickers

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2018/12/28 09:17

Infusion paste is a basic medicinal material used in hospitals. Therefore, the requirements for hygiene are very high. In the process of production and manufacturing, it is necessary to disinfect and sterilize the infusion paste. The following is a brief introduction of Yu'an Medical. Learn about it.

Temperature and humidity requirements are important when sterilizing. When the temperature is lower than 35 ° C or the relative humidity is less than 25%, the sterilization effect is not achieved, even if the sterilization time is prolonged. To add EO, the cylinder valve must be opened slightly, and then the box valve should be opened to allow the EO to fully vaporize and then enter the tank. Do not add too fast to ensure the gasification effect. After the cabinet is replaced 5 times, to ensure that the tank pressure is zero, close the door seal air switch and suck the door seal, and then open the door to open the door switch to open the door. Ethylene oxide sterilization operations must be carried out in accordance with the operating specifications, and people are paying attention to the pressure gauge at any time. The toxic effect of ethylene oxide on the human body is mainly direct contact or inhalation. Ethylene oxide gas can stimulate the respiratory tract. During the sterilization operation, protective measures should be taken. If the ethylene oxide liquid is accidentally splashed on the skin of the Parker filter, Rinse immediately with water or on the eyes. Ethylene oxide is flammable and explosive. When the content in the air is 3%-80%, an explosive mixture gas is formed, which may be burned or exploded in the event of an open flame. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure the ventilation of the disinfection workshop, and it is absolutely forbidden to contact the open flame. The sterilization environment must ensure that all switches are explosion-proof switches, and all lamps are explosion-proof lamps.