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Can medical dressings be used repeatedly?

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2018/12/28 09:57

Can medical dressings be used repeatedly? Many people may have this question. Sometimes, when we use it, it will cause the product to lose its viscosity due to some factors, but it is wasteful to throw it away. So what is the way to restore it? ? Next we will come to answer your questions.

Method 1: The medical dressing can be peeled off in advance (preferably warm water rinse) the skin metabolite of the cream surface (be careful not to wet the lining cloth), wash the dirt and dry it, and then reapply it on the silicone paper. open. Or fold the cream face, gently press it by hand (let the cream surface fully fuse), then tear it open to restore the viscosity.

Method 2: Put the paste surface on the outer wall of the glass, then pour hot water into the cup to raise the temperature of the cup wall, and warm the cream surface. After 3-5 minutes, the viscosity can be restored and taken from the cup wall. Just use it.

Contraindications: Medical dressings are exposed and exposed to the air. After oxidation, the gel will lose its viscosity; the colloid will oxidize in the air for a short time and lose its viscosity.

Through the above introduction, we found that when using the medical dressing paste, if it finds that it has lost its viscosity, it can be handled in the above manner. Here, we need to remind everyone that the product can not be exposed to the air for a long time, so , with the use of stickers, but also to maintain, do not mess, the humidity of the air is also a factor affecting its viscosity, and even the use of factors.