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What are the management systems for medical dressings?

Company news
2018/12/28 09:58

Medical care is about the health of our lives. We treat it with rigorousness. Medical dressing paste as a small member inside, we also need to carefully manage, and only then will not go wrong. Many people want to briefly understand, in order to satisfy everyone, the following article will explain one or two, I hope to help you.

1. Surgical instruments and cotton fabrics are kept by special personnel.

2. The warehouse should be clean, tidy, dry and ventilated to maintain a suitable temperature.

3, the warehouse regularly check the inventory, do a good job of five defenses (anti-theft, fire, moisture, rat, anti-corrosion).

4, to do a good number of warehouse items, timely replenishment, to ensure the use.

5, cotton fabrics are counted once every six months, so that timely reporting, timely repair, all shift items must be carefully counted.

6, the warehousing items should be printed at any time for use.

7. Surgical instruments are regularly inspected, maintained, reimbursed, and collected.

8. Ophthalmic instruments and precision instruments are kept by special personnel and regularly oiled.

9, a variety of medical dressings affixed to a special person to keep, and regularly organize personnel to do.

10. All items in the operating room shall not be borrowed at will, and in special circumstances, the items shall be borrowed, and the procedures shall be handled as required.

In order to reduce unnecessary troubles, in order to be able to find the medical dressing stickers we need more quickly when using them, we can refer to the above methods when storing items.