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Type B Medical Transparent Dressing

basic information

◆ Product Details

The transparent wound dressing adopts a new type of ultra-thin and comfortable dressing of high-tech products, and a special semi-transparent film. It has good waterproof, antibacterial, breathable, low sensitization and high elasticity.

Transparent wound dressing is a new product made up of non-stick wound absorbent pad and special semi-permeable membrane. It has good absorption, can completely absorb wound bleeding and exudation, and does not stick to wounds. It is widely used in various kinds. Wound treatment protection can also be used as a family standing item.

◆ Product Performance

1,Low sensitization, moderate viscosity:no stimulation of the wound, fixed and reliable, and does not hurt the skin when removed

2, High absorption:can quickly absorb the wound exudate, and does not stick to the wound.

3, Ultra-thin and high elasticity:very comfortable and natural after use.

4, Transparent:easy to observe the healing of the wound.

5, Waterproof and anti-bacterial:can prevent water, bacteria and dirt from invading the wound, does not hinder daily life (such as bathing, etc.).

6. Breathable:The air can penetrate through to maintain the best healing environment for the wound.

◆ Product Usage

1: Incision protection after surgical suture.

It is easy to check the wound at any time without frequent dressing changes, so it does not irritate the wound and is very light and comfortable.

2: Smaller wounds and minor abrasions of small areas and grade I and II burns.

It protects the wound from infection and friction, reduces the sensitivity of nerve endings to relieve pain, and its waterproof function allows the patient to prevent bathing after application. When removed, the surface of the wound is not stuck and will not be damaged again.

◆ Product Specifications


Item number Size(cm)
B0405S 4×5cm
B0607S 6×7cm
B0607SU 6×7cm
B0607R 6×7cm
B0607M 6×7cm
B0607MU 6×7cm
B1012S 10×12cm
B1012M 10×12cm
B1025S 10×25cm


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