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Type C Adhesive Wound Dressing

basic information

◆ Product Details

The adhesive wound dressing is made by coating a medical pressure-sensitive adhesive compound with a medical high quality non-woven fabric, and then covering the absorbent pad.

◆ Product Performance

1. Hypoallergenic: Medical pressure sensitive adhesive applied to the skin, moderately viscous, does not irritate the wound, and does not damage the skin when the dressing is removed.

2, Breathable: The mesh structure of spunlace non-woven fabric can make the skin breathe naturally, eliminate the vapor of sweat, and effectively reduce the occurrence of wound infection.

3, No binding to wound:the absorptive pad with network cover will not stick,and can absorb effusion effectively without any sticking to wound; thus causing no pain when removing the pad

4, Compliance: the material is soft, light and flexible, can conform to the contour curve of the human body, and does not hinder the body's activity.

◆ Product Usage

Mainly used for general protection of various surgical incisions.

◆ Product Specifications


Item number Size(cm)
C0405 4×5cm
C0607 6×7cm
C0910 9×10cm
C0915 9×15cm
C0920 9×20cm
C0920G(Anorectal) 9×20cm
C0925 9×25cm
C0930 9×30cm
C0935 9×35cm
C0940 9×40cm
C0612Y(EYE) 6×12cm
C0910YL(Drainage) 9×10cm
C1214YL(Drainage) 12×14cm
C1010 10×10cm
C1015 10×15cm
C1020 10×20cm
C1025 10×25cm
C1030 10×30cm
C1035 10×35cm


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