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Infusion Paste

basic information

◆ Product Details

Infusion sticker is used to solve the problem that the existing infusion sticker may cause pain when it is separated, or it is unable to quickly press the needle eye with a cotton swab to cause bleeding, resulting in discomfort to the patient and affecting the recovery at the needle eye. Including: T-shaped base material; T-shaped base material is composed of vertically set transverse base material and longitudinal base material; longitudinal base material is provided with a layer of silicone gel; silicone gel is provided with fixed groove; transverse base material is provided with disinfection pad; T-shaped base material is PU film; fixed groove is composed of needle handle fixed groove and needle body fixed groove; the depth of needle handle fixed groove is not greater than 3 mm, and the depth of needle body fixed groove is not greater than 0.5 mm. The infusion sticker of the utility model can be arranged in a fixed groove when in use, and will not produce pain when separating the infusion sticker, and is provided with a detoxification pad on the infusion sticker, which can effectively prevent the problems such as redness, suppuration and inflammation of the needle eye caused by incomplete disinfection before the needle is tied, and is convenient and comfortable to use.

◆ Product Specifications


Product name Item number Size(cm)
Medical adhesive tape W125 1.25cm×9.14m Adhesive bonded fabric
W250 2.5cm×9.14m Adhesive bonded fabric
E125 1.25cm×9.14m PE Punch
E250 2.5cm×9.14m PE Punch
Tourniquet ZCC-20 2×35cm Flat
Abdominal bandage   8×42cm
Swimming paste B0607S 6×7cm
Abdominal bandage C0407 4×7cm


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Medical adhesive tape
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